Inventory Management

We focus on inventory management by developing an inventory coding system to track code sales. This will help stock your core products, improve your profitability, and improve your cash flow. We provide quarterly reports on your program sales which will help you identify excess or fast moving stock in your program. 


Need to hold stock but you don't have enough office space? Leave fulfillment to us. Store your products at our warehouse and we can blind ship on your behalf. 

Quality Service

We assign a dedicated representative to manage manage your orders. We are open seven day a week and respond to emails promptly.

Reliable Turnaround

We provide average two week turnaround on customized apparel and same day rush projects when feasible. 


We have the capacity to decorate thousands of garments per week. All our customers are invited to take a tour of our warehouse in Torrance, California to learn about our capabilities.


If you have products you want to sell online, we can help you build a customized online e-commerce solution. 

Delivery Services

Don't like using corporate companies for deliveries? You can take advantage of our weekly deliveries through our in-house courier services. 

Data Lovers

Do you love data? We do too. Analytics already help you drive decisions for your organization, so shouldn't your uniform program also be data driven? We help you monitor inventory levels to ensure that your company never sits on too much stock or ever run out of product.